Discharging Clients

Discharging Clients

Discharging Clients

Step 1

Click on the "hamburger" to open the sidebar navigation menu then navigate to the bottom and click "Clients" and then click "Manage Clients".

Manage and edit clients

Step 2

Select the "Active Client" from your client's list that you wish to discharge from their currently active program enrollment and click to view their details page.

There are two ways to view the client record.
  1. Double click the line item with the client's name and picture.
  2. Click once and then click the "View" button from the client information sidebar that pops over to the right.

Step 3

Click the green "Edit Client" (the one with the picture of a pencil) button in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

Step 4

On the client edit view, scroll down until you see the card titled "Enrollment". Then click on the status drop-down menu to select a new status.

Client edit view - enrollment card

Step 5

In this example lets assume that John Snow would never ever abandon (so we won't choose the "abandoned" status) his post and that he was injured in battle and must be discharged from the program due to medical reasons.

From the "Status" list, choose the reason that John Snow will no longer be active in this program enrollment (or rather, his reason for discharge which then becomes his discharge status). Select "Medical Discharge" from the drop-down.

Select Medical Discharge

Step 6

Click on the green "Save" button in the upper right hand corner of the view to effectively discharge John Snow with the Discharge Status of Medical Discharge to move him over to the inactive Clients List.

Notice now we have 11 active clients in the view and 1 Inactive Client (our recently discharged John Snow).
Discharged clients live in the inactive clients tab from the client list.

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